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The district of Komárno has many natural beauties so it is very interesting place with thermal spas, natural reservations and cultural monuments.


In the centre is national cultural monument of Komárno fort and new age attraction of Europe place - an Architectural mosaic of interesting buildings. The most characteristic monument of neo-renaissance style in Komárno is the building of the Town hall which was built in 1875. The square in front of the Town hall is dominated by the statue of general Klapka, commander of the fortication system during the fights in 1848-49.

Apáli Island

State natural reservation near the delta of the rivers Nitra and Váh, with flooded forest.


Important archeologycal find-place of Roman's camp Kelementia and there is a horsing farm.


Town situated near confluence of the rivers Váh and Malý Dunaj. Interesting memories are weter mill and relicts of Békavár fort.